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Who would not want to feel confident, successful and happy? The book Color Your Life, Look Great – Spend Less, gives you advice on how to successfully put together different colors when choosing clothing, accessories and interiors. More than that, when you have learned your own dominant color characteristic, it is possible to save lots of time and money when shopping for clothes for yourself. With lots of examples, the book makes you think about the importance of colors in our lives and literally adds more color to your life. This is a wonderful guide for everyone, who does not know which colors enhance their own colors.

Margit Järva

Dr. Hauschka, trainer/cosmetics, Biomarket

I am delighted to introduce Raija Lydecken one of the pioneers of colour and image consulting in Europe.  Raija led the build up of Color Me Beautiful in the Nordics as the head of the business in Finland fron 1985-1995.  She is a superb trainer and expert in the business and has since been a very successful entrepreneur in women’s fashion accessories, beauty, skincare and anti-ageing.  Raija knows how to build a successful business and is able to train others not only in the art and science of image consulting but equally important in how to make good money from your own venture.

Mary Spillane

Founder of , Colour Me Beautiful Europe

Having worked with make-up artists, stylists and hair dressers on a daily basis, I highly recommend this book for everyone, who wants to make themselves and/or others look their best at all times. It is a must read for people, who want to take charge of their wardrobe, look great and spend less.

Marlen Mais

Editor in Chief , YU fashion magazine