30 years ago, I read the first book that was written on colors, and how they can be grouped according to seasons, and how people look different, when wearing colors according to their own coloring. It really hit me, and immediately I started to find out how to learn more, because I thought this is so brilliant. And it was.

It didn´t take long before I found myself in London, England together with 9 other girls, all from different countries in Europe, in a Color Me Beautiful training. After that, I went back frequently to learn more in the 10 years that I was working in the business. When I sold the business, I had a group of 50 color consultants, who each had their own businesses. Our cosmetics line was sold at the main department store in Helsinki, at many of the beauty schools in the country and in several prestigious Spas and other locations.

It was not easy for me to sell the business, but I really had no choice, because my daughter had a very serious riding accident, which actually crippled her for years, so I was needed taking care of her, and I´m glad I did. She will never be completely well, but she now has a good life and a family of her own, living by the sea, on their farm, with a herd sheep and a pack of dogs.
When I was living at home with my parents, my mother told me that I need to wear browns, greens and oranges because I have brown eyes, and I did. She also had brown eyes, so it was clear to me that she knew what she was talking about. When I went to the first color training in London, I was told, to my surprise, that I need to wear deep colors, because I had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes and light skin. Well, that was completely opposite to what I thought was right for me. I can´t blame my mother, because that was how everyone was thinking those days!

Actually it was very good for my business, in the beginning, to change all my colors right after coming from my first training, because everyone was really amazed at the dramatic change in my appearance. I looked so much better, and people were commenting on it all the time! Therefore, I had no doubt. I was in the right business, doing the right thing, at the right time. Everybody wanted their colors done and everybody wanted to come to train as color consultants. It was a whirlwind for all the 10 years I was involved. I was working with the most interesting people and businesses and schools as well as magazines and TV & radio. I loved my business, because it was taking me to new places and to meet interesting people, I would never have met otherwise.

My colors were deep when I was younger

Raija 20 years ago

Even though I was no longer working in the fashion & image industry, after I sold the business, colors were, and are, a huge part of my life in every way. At the time, I thought that this way of choosing colors would become more popular so that everyone would like to use the system. To my surprise, things didn´t work out, as I had thought. Instead, I began to see that people wanted to stand out by using screaming colors, which meant that they, as a person, would fade into the background. During the days, when I was working with color, it was mostly the fashion people, who were dressing in blacks and whites. Now, when I look around, the “whole world” wants to wear black! As if everywhere was an army of cloned people in black. No one can stand out when everyone is dressed in mostly one color!

Still, people are asking about how to use colors to best enhance their own personal colors. This is just like it was 30 years ago. To me, it feels like everything we did in those days, has disappeared, and we are back to square one again.

Today my colors are cool

Raija today

I have had my finger in the color soup during all this time and I have noticed interesting things. We all know that we feel different when the sun is shining and when it is not. Of course. However, it goes further than that, when it comes to colors. Colors affect our moods and how we feel; also about ourselves. When we are dressed in our best colors, we look and feel like we have had an injection of energy. There really is a difference. I have seen this with so many of my clients. I have been able to see how colors make a difference in peoples´ lives. Using the right colors is about much more, than just looking good. It goes much deeper, and this is the reason I want to start again, where I left off, years ago.

I´m thinking, that if we can see how colors work for our benefit, or just the opposite, we should be using this knowledge more. We all know that colors are wave lengths, just like music and other sounds. To think, that a high sound can break a glass and shatter windows. In the same way, colors have an influence on us, even though it does not appear to be so radical. I´m wondering why so many people today are not comfortable in their own skin? Could it be that the misuse of colors constantly in our surroundings, as well as on our body, has a bigger effect on us than we know?

The reason I want to work at this stage of my life, once again, is that I feel that I still have something to give in this respect. The system works for everyone. We can all wear all colors, when using colors of the same shade and intensity as our own shade and intensity. The system works for everyone: men, women, children, animals, interiors, etc.

Why it Took so Long?
It was just another cloudy day in autumn, when I was walking with my daughter on our farm in the archipelago of Finland. I was exhausted, like I had been for many years. Dragging my feet, I said to her: I am so disappointed, because I have not achieved anything in my whole life.

That was the day when my life turned around. She stopped in her tracks and stared at me with an unbelieving look and said: Are you crazy!? What are you saying? Look where you are walking! I stopped and looked at her astounded. What do you mean? I asked her.
She said that I need to look around me and see where I was walking and that we would not be there if I had not worked so hard for years and made it all possible for our family to live there. For the first time in a very long time, I saw that I was walking in a beautiful park with a fountain, with the sea on one side and a forest on the other. There were sheep on the field overlooking the sea, and all our dogs were walking with us. It was beautiful and it belonged to our family. I had forgotten somehow, that this had been my dream come true.

My dream come true

My dream come true

I had been told so many years that I was worthless, because I was no longer making money, that I had started to believe it. That day, I realized that I actually had had two very successful businesses for years and for some reason I was now feeling that I had done nothing. That wasn´t right. A that point, I started to distance myself from the physical and psychological abuse I had withstood for too many years. I used to think that there was nothing I could do about it, but I was wrong. That day I realized that there is something I can do to pull me out of the mental prison I had been living in for much too long.

I started to write a book after 20 years and it saved me from going mad, I´m sure. The book is COLOR YOUR LIFE, Look Great – Spend Less. Having been away from the fashion scene for such a long time I was always wondering why the “color revolution” that I was part of for so many years, never really caught on, like I thought it would.

With fresh eyes, I now had a chance to dig deeper into this world again. When you have done something for 10 years, it will always be a part of you. It took me just two months to write the book but everything else: getting it published first in Estonian and then in English on amazon.com it took many more months, but when I finally published, it was on 6th December 2017, which was the 100 years celebration of Finland´s independence. It was a feeling, which is difficult to explain. I also got my independence, because I knew that all will be ok now.

Having spent so much time in the country after years of city life, my feeling that colors have such a strong message, only grew. In nature, the colors are always in harmony and no-one even gives it a second thought about it, although people want nature around them and travel great lengths to be in nature. In the cities, however, the colors are quite the opposite. Black streets, grey buildings, bright lights in all different colors, shapes and sizes. So many people live in these cities all the time without getting a chance to get away.

The world is colorful and we all need colors.

The world is colorful and we all need colors

I began to think about this in more detail. When harmonious music is played, it soothes and calms you. When loud, tearing music is played, it gets your blood pumping.
The same happens with colors. When colors are in harmony, we feel good. When colors are not in harmony, it doesn´t feel good. Actually, when I was working with colors so intensively for such a long time, I began to “hear” when colors clicked. I could have closed my eyes while choosing colors for people because of the clicking. I don´t know how to explain it, but that was what happened. Ever since I have been uneasy if I had to wear colors that don´t click with my own coloring.

When I finally had the courage to tell someone that I was hearing colors, I was told that they are wavelengths, like music, so it can happen. What a relief for me! Also someone said that it has been quite common a very long time ago, but that the capability of hearing colors has disappeared, like so many other things in the world. After all, colors are wave lengths and energy, just like music and other sounds.

Everyone enjoys beautiful scenery, where colors are working in harmony. Nature heals. We all know this. If we only helped our bodies, by putting on colors that enhance us, instead of making them hurt with inappropriate colors. It seems to me that colors work just like music, but at a deeper level. I believe, we are being marinated in color and the end result of the marinating can be seen and felt.

This thought came to me when my colleague had changed her hair color back to what she originally had, on top of changing the color of her clothes and make-up to click with her own colors. Having done all that, she went to see her friend.
The following happened: When they first met, my friend said that she is involved in the marketing of this new book: COLOR YOUR LIFE. Her friend said she doesn´t believe in all that color analysis rubbish because she didn´t believe there was anything to it. Therefore, they spoke about other things. As they were sitting across from each other, her friend started to look at her more closely, as if wondering to herself. After a while, she said: you know, I must say that it is amazingly soothing to look at you. Have you done something with your appearance?
Only after that, they started to talk about colors and the book and what is possible to do with colors, if you work with colors, instead of working against them.

This story made me even more confident to write my book on colors in a new way and explain everything in such a way that it was possible to understand, how colors work, in a simple way. I think we need to include colors into everything we see and experience, to make the world a better place.

This will be my contribution. If it helps people to tap more into colors to make them feel better, then it has been all worthwhile. Some people might think I´m crazy, to say that colors click, but we all have to find our own road and say it out loud. I don´t think I am the only person thinking the way I do.
I am on a mission to make the world more beautiful. If you love colors, you are welcome to join me on my journey!

We have all the colors in the rainbow to work with.

We have all the colors in the rainbow to work with.